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Those who have never lived under the evil hand of real tyranny can never fully understand the hearts of those who have. Theirs is a heart that dreams of freedom. They dream of living a life free from the bonds of a government that, with cruelty, oppresses them.

The founders of these great United States of America and countless men and women who fought alongside of them had hearts that were grieved by tyranny and that dreamed of freedom.

To sit back in the freedom they purchased and criticize them because like all men they fell short of some of their greatest ideals is easy. But I choose to look on them with reverence. For when our founders chose the path that paved the way to freedom they did not do so from the luxury of freedom already attained. Rather, they willingly pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.” I choose to be loyal to what they did and stood for instead of some professor somewhere who has never put his life, fortune, or sacred honor on the line. I prefer the ones who were tried and tested over those who only theorize, yet never do anything except spout off useless rhetoric.

In the process of seeking freedom our founders forged a nation that when the moral and good people bear rule they have a frame work whereby they may be able to correct the evils that lie within our own borders.

I am both proud and thankful to be an American. Only those without virtue criticize those who aim for its lofty heights, but sometimes fall short of it. Only the immoral laugh when a moral man stumbles. We have not been a perfect people. But our founders aimed high by instituting a form of government that at its core stands for liberty and justice for all.

But immoral, virtue less, and Godless men and women have crept into our institutions. They seek to undermine the morality of our people, weaken the home, and cast doubt on God’s existence. They are those who speak only shame on our forefathers, our constitution, and our republic. They wish to cause the people to no longer be proud and thankful for their heritage in a desire to remake our government into one of tyranny.

I, for one, will not go along with their anti-God, anti-constitution, and anti-American narrative. Instead I will speak out against their nefarious designs. I will fight by staying faithful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I will pray for my countrymen, and I will vote for those who will remain loyal to God, our constitution, and our people.

I am proud to be an American!

-Pastor Ricky Garner

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